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Are you experiencing issues with your BW7 backup camera system in your pre-wired RV? Don't worry, troubleshooting these systems can be straightforward with the right approach. Let's dive into some common problems and solutions to help you get your backup camera system up and running smoothly.


Why I continued to get "no signal"?

1. The camera is connected to the light but is not receiving power.
The camera is powered with the lights so you need to turn the lights on. If they are not on neither is the camera. (On certain model trailers you need to turn headlights on and it will work.)

Many pre-wired campers have the power source pulled from the marker lights. Please try to hook the camper plug up to your tow vehicle and turn on your lights and the problem will be solved.

2. Connect your tow vehicle to the RV and turn on running lights.

3. Switch your truck lights to AUX.

4. Check the jack on the RV if is putting out less than 12 voits. The system needs to be at 12V+ for work. You can try to jump it with 12V.

5.It is caused by the voltage supplied by the truck for led lights being lower. Even though it read correctly(over 12 voltsc) on the meter, but the truck is not providing the needed power pulse to power the camera it Powers LED lights but not quite enough to power the camera. You can use an adapter to solve the problem, link to the adaptor:

(Owners of  newer GM Truck or GMC or Chevy with LED brake lights need to be aware of this situation)

6. It is possible that a light that was wired incorrectly from the factory.  Please try to test the wiring on your trailer to check if it is wired incorrectly. If so please switch the wires to the camera and it will work fine.  

How do I know if the camera is receiving power?

Cover the camera's light sensor (like a light on the camera) with your hands.
If the infrared light is on, it means that the camera is successfully powered on.
If the infrared light is not on, it means that the camera has not been powered on.
Check to make sure that the lights connected to the camera are turned on.
Check the wiring or use another power source and power cord to test.

How to pair a camera with the monitor?

Please pair the camera in the following sequence:
1. Disconnect the power to the unit and then keep the camera and monitor within 3 feet when pairing
2. Ensure the antennas of the cameras are mounted. ( This step is crucial for establishing a stable wireless connection between the two devices.)
Reconnect the monitor and turn it on.
3. Switch to the full screen (Not in full screen state, the menu button will not be able to operate.)
4. Access the menu and choose the PAIRING icon
5. The screen begins to count down
6. Power up to the camera during the count down(NOTE: Do not plug the camera into the power until the pairing count-down had already started.
7. Wait for the pairing
8. Repeat the steps again if it is unsuccessful.

Check Power Supply

First things first, ensure that your BW7 backup camera system is receiving power. Check the power source and connections to make sure everything is properly connected. A lack of power can often be the culprit behind a non-functioning camera system.

Inspect Camera Placement

Another common issue with backup camera systems is improper camera placement. Make sure the camera is positioned correctly to provide the best view of your surroundings. Adjust the angle and height of the camera if needed to optimize its performance.

Verify Signal Strength

1. Check if there is an issue with the center conductor of the antenna. Look at the camera/monitor to find if the antenna wire is off. Check if the antenna connector on the camera/monitor is loose.
2. Check voltage at the camera, as anything less than 12-volt can cause the transmitter not to transmit properly.
3. Check other devices transmitting on the 2.4g frequency like WIFI, Bluetooth, and other devices like tire management systems.
4. Check proper wiring to avoid loose and poor attachments and connections of wires, as this may affect the delivery of images.
5. Check if the monitor power cord can stay connected to the cigarette lighter outlet.
6. Changing the angle of the antennas may improve it, keep the tip of the antenna as far away from metal objects as possible.
6. If it lose signal sometimes but comes back on,please spraying contact cleaner on antenna connection on camera.
7. The aluminum body was interfering with the wireless signal, we recommend that you raise the camera to get a direct line of sight signal and use the antenna extension cable.

Signal interference can also cause issues with your backup camera. Check for any sources of interference, such as other electronic devices or metal structures, that may be disrupting the signal. Ensuring a clear signal path can improve the overall performance of your camera system.

We hope this troubleshooting guide has helped you resolve any issues you were facing with your BW7 RV backup camera. If you're still experiencing problems, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support for further assistance. Happy monitoring!

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