BS7 Solar camera troubleshooting

Camera won‘t connect to monitor

Check to see if the antenna is loose.
Re-pair the camera:
1. Turn on the screen and go to Menu > Pairing Operation > Pair camera.
2. Press the disconnect button with a toothpick (or sim cartridge pin), the green light will turn on, then press and hold the disconnect button, the light will flash rapidly, the rapid flashing indicates that the camera is pairing, then the monitor's pairing countdown will end indicating that the monitor has read the camera data.
3. Enter the menu again and select Pairing camera, then pair successfully. 
a video explaining the process
Check if the camera can be charged as well.
If you try all the ponits and it still can not work, please contact us at your order number and shipping address.
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Purchased a solar back up camera model BS7. Do you offer a cover to protect unit from the sun. We live in South Carolina and the summers can be brutal. Thank you.

Mike Speer

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