About BSC102 10-inch Solar Magnetic Wireless Backup Camera System

The BSC102 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System is here to solve the problem of not being able to see what's behind your vehicle when reversing. This innovative device provides a clear and reliable view of your surroundings, making reversing safer and easier than ever before. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of this cutting-edge backup camera system.

Q: What are the monnitor dimentions?

A: 10(L) x 6.5(H) x 0.94(D) in

Q: Is monitor and camera battery powered?

A: No, the display and camera are wired for power.

Q: Can the screen  be powered by USB-C?

A: No, You can either hardwire it or use the enclosed cigarette power source
(If your vehicle only has a Type-C or USB out, you can add a Type-C to DC Power cord or a USB to DC Power Cord).

Q: Does the dashboard Monitor have to be plugged into a cigarette lighter?My vehicle do not has a 12v accessory plug.

A: Package comes with cigarette lighter 12V plug and DC power cord. If your vihicle do not have a 12v power port (cigarette lighter port), it can be hard wire for power.
Hardwired method: The red wire is connected to the car ACC, and the black wire is connected to the ground wire.

Q: What are the camera dimentions?

A: Solar Panel Size 3.8(L)  x  2.36(H)  x  0.19(D)in
Camera Dimensions 4.29(L)  x  3.27(H)  x  2.9(D)in


Q: Can I add an extra camera?

A: Yes, the system support up to 4 cameras.

Q: Can this solar system be used with non-solar wireless cameras?

A: No, they are not competible.

Q: How do I pair multiple cameras?

A: The pairing process for the 4 cameras is as follows:
Turn off all cameras and make sure they are charged with at least 1 bar
1. Press CH to switch to the channel 1 (CAM1).
2. Start the pairing function: Menu>PAIRING>20-second countdown
3.Turn on ONE camera DURING the pairing countdown
4. Press CH to switch to the channel 2 (CAM2).
5. Start the pairing function again for a 2nd time:Menu>PAIRING>20-second countdown
6. Turn on the 2ND camera DURING the pairing countdown
7. Press CH to switch to the channel 3 (CAM3).
8. Start the pairing function again for a 3rd time:Menu>PAIRING>20-second countdown
9. Turn on the 3rd camera DURING the pairing countdown
10. Press CH to switch to the channel 4 (CAM4).
11. Start the pairing function again for a 4th time:Menu>PAIRING>20-second countdown
12. Turn on the 4th camera DURING the pairing countdown

Special Notice

  • Pair each individual camera individually. During the pairing process,other cameras should be power off to prevent signal interference.
  • Please make sure the channel (CAM1/2/3/4) you want to pair with the camera has been turned on via Menu "Cam-Setup"
  • If no picture displayed after pairing, please power-off again thecamera and retry pairing steps.
  • The pairing must be completed within 20 seconds, otherwise, you need to retry pairing steps.
  • If the camera is powered on all the time during the pairing process, there is no picture displayed as well.

Q: Why is there no option to show 4 cameras at once?

A: You may have turned off one or more channels, If you would like all 4 cameras shows at the same, please turn on all channels and select quad split or H split mode.

Q: How to turn on/off the channels?


Q: How can I turn off the camera?

A: Push the power button on the camera.

Q: Why are the indicator lights still blinking when the camera is turned off?

A: The lights will continue to flash as long as there is sun light. Cover the solar panel and the lights only come on when the camera is on. The lights will show the status of the battery charge.

Q: Why solar charging isn't fast enough?

The size of the camera solar panel is designed to be small for ease of installation, but the camera's built-in battery is large. Charging a large battery with a small solar panel will have a low charge rate.
So the camera cannot fully rely on solar charging, and solar energy can only extend the working time of the camera. There is a usb port on the back of the camera that will allow you to charge the internal battery with a alternative power source. It is necessary to charge with a charger regularly.

Note: To save energy and hold charges much better it is best to turn it off when you are not using it.

Q: How to Restore Default Settings?

A: Menu>SYSTEM>DefaultON

Q: Can I rotate an image 90 degrees?

A: No, the image can only be rotated 180 degrees.

Q: How to start/stop recording?

A: Press OK button Or MENU >RECORD>ON/OFF

Q: How to do if the screen is upside down?

A: Press and hold the ▽- button for 5S (If you are on the Menu page, press M to return to the camera view before performing this operation.)

Q: Why can't I operate the M button?

A: In split-screen or recording, the M button will be locked and cannot be operated, you need to switch to single-screen mode and stop recording in order to operate.

Q: Meaning of the Battery Level Indicator.

Q: Can I make the battery indicator light go off while using it?

A: No, The camera's indicator light comes on when the camera is on and goes off when the camera is off and the solar panel is covered.


What makes the 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System unique?

The 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System key features is its solar-panel design, extending the working time of the camera. The camera harnesses the power of the sun to keep it running efficiently, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Another unique feature of this backup camera system is its magnetic mount. The camera easily attaches to the back of your vehicle using a strong magnet, eliminating the need for complicated installation processes. This magnetic mount also allows for easy removal and repositioning of the camera, giving you flexibility and convenience.

How does the 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System work?

The 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System utilizes advanced technology to provide you with a clear view of your surroundings. The camera captures high-resolution images and transmits them wirelessly to the display screen, which is conveniently mounted on your dashboard. The large 10-inch screen ensures that you can see everything clearly, even in bright sunlight.

With the help of infrared night vision, this backup camera system also allows you to see clearly in low-light conditions. Whether it's backing up in a dimly lit parking lot or navigating through foggy weather, this camera system has got you covered.

What are the benefits of using the 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System?

Using the 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System offers numerous benefits for drivers. Firstly, it greatly enhances safety by providing a clear view of obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles behind your vehicle. This helps to prevent accidents and reduces the risk of property damage or injury.

Additionally, this backup camera system saves you time and frustration. Portable self-contained battery-powered magnetic backup camera system is the newest technology in the industry. With built-in battery which makes it a “Truly Wireless” and portable solution which has become the go-to solution for those who wanted one but were put off by the installation process.
Battery operated wireless backup camera system with a battery pack and magnetic base. So you can attach the wireless camera to the battery pack and then quickly attach it to your vehicle with provided magnetic base. No drilling at all.
No more guesswork or straining your neck to see what's behind you. With the 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System, reversing becomes a breeze, allowing you to maneuver your vehicle with confidence and precision.


The 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System is a game-changer when it comes to reversing safely. Its unique features, such as solar power and magnetic mount, set it apart from other backup camera systems on the market. With its high-resolution images, night vision capabilities, and large display screen, this camera system provides you with the clarity and convenience you need. Invest in the 10-inch Solar Magnetic Backup Camera System today and experience the difference it can make in your driving experience.

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